How to start investing

Is learning to invest difficult? Many people think that investing is an extremely complex activity, reserved only for professionals or experts. All wrong: investing is not difficult at all and everyone can learn, as long as they dedicate time and effort.

Learning to invest is an excellent idea: there are many profitable investments that are within everyone’s reach and that can generate very high profits; moreover, Italian banks (and even worse financial promoters) have distinguished themselves over the years for unfair practices to the detriment of customers. Those who rely on banks constantly risk losing money.

In this article we explain how to learn how to invest and we will also point out some really good free guides that explain in a simple way how to invest without mistakes (click here to download the free guide, also suitable for beginners).

We will also talk about the best investment platforms, obviously we will focus on the easiest to use and therefore most suitable for beginners.

Learn how to Invest Today

First, it is important to understand what it means to invest today.

In general, we can say that investing means using a sum of money to generate more money, more or less quickly. There are many types of investment:

  • Real estate
  • Financial
  • Entrepreneurial

Those who want to learn how to invest usually focus on financial investments. Our article is also mainly dedicated to this type of investment, although the main concepts always apply.

Obviously learning how to make financial investments is easier because the necessary capital is much lower: you can start investing in financial markets with just 10 euros (thanks to the Iq Option platform ) while to start a business or to buy a property you need a lot more money.

What does making financial investments mean? In practice, you earn by taking advantage of the price changes of securities listed on the financial markets. Among the main financial securities to invest in are:

  • Actions
  • Raw material
  • Currencies (forex investments)
  • Criptovalute
  • Government bonds

Warning: we have written price changes, do not increase! Many think that it is only possible to earn when the price of a security rises. Mistaken. Those who use the best platforms to invest online have the opportunity to earn both when the value of the security rises and when it falls.

In practice, the best possibilities give the possibility to buy or sell short financial securities to generate profit whatever the market trend .

Let’s take a concrete example, suppose we want to invest in Amazon shares: it is possible to buy Amazon shares if we think that the stock is destined to increase in value or sell Amazon shares in the open if we think that the price is destined to go down. Short selling is a speculative operation that generates profits when the value of a security falls.

You don’t need to have bought first to be able to sell in the short : if I think that the Amazon stock is going to decrease in value, I can immediately make a profit by selling it in the short even if it is not in my possession (the term short refers to the fact that you sells something you don’t actually own). It is not important to understand all the details: the only important thing is to know that you can always earn, no matter what happens on the financial markets.

Best platforms to invest online

Before proceeding with our guide that explains how you learn to invest, it is very important to focus attention on the choice of the platform you use. We have already mentioned the fact that Italian banks are not completely reliable (anyone who follows the news at least a little knows the stories of many savers defrauded by Italian banking institutions).

The best way to make financial investments is to use secure and reliable investing platforms that offer their services via the internet. We have made a selection, among the best platforms, to identify the easiest to use.

We have identified 3 safe and reliable platforms that guarantee maximum safety and reliability and, at the same time, great ease of use and are therefore also suitable for beginners.

Learn to invest with Investous

Investous is the preferred platform for those who want to learn how to invest without errors. Why is Investous so popular? First of all, it’s really easy and intuitive to use. Even a beginner can move without errors and without problems. As soon as you register, you can receive free telephone assistance from a true investment expert. In practice, you receive valuable advice that can greatly help those who are starting out.

Investous is also highly appreciated because it offers an excellent investment guide, completely free. The Investous guide is the best help anyone who wants to learn to invest can receive and, in fact, it has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

This guide is simple to understand, even a beginner can study it without problems, because it is written in simple language and without technical words. It is also completely practice oriented, so don’t waste time with unnecessary theory. The nice thing is that it is a completely free guide, other less good courses (because full of useless theory) have high costs and can even cost several thousand euros.

Investous is a completely free platform to invest. It is possible to start with an investment of just 250 euros but it is also possible to operate in demo mode, therefore without depositing absolutely nothing. The Investous demo is invaluable for those who want to learn how to invest because it allows you to experiment without risk to gain experience and make no mistakes when you then invest real money.

Learn to invest with eToro

Even eToro is an exceptional option for those who want to learn how to invest. eToro is a free platform, very simple to use, very safe and reliable.

The main strength of eToro is the ability to copy all transactions of other investors automatically and without costs thanks to the patented Copytrader system.

How does the eToro Copytrader work ? A powerful internal search engine allows you to identify the best investors, the ones who have made the most money in the past. For each professional investor, it is possible to know the return obtained in the past and also the average risk level. Thanks to this information, it is easy to choose the best professional investors to copy automatically.

After making the selection, the software system will replicate all the operations of the copied investors. The advantage of eToro is twofold: on the one hand it allows you to immediately obtain positive results, on the other you can learn to invest by observing what the best investors in the world are doing.

Learn to invest with Iq Option

Those who want to learn how to invest can also choose Iq Option. The platform is really simple and intuitive (one of the simplest ever). The beauty of Iq Option is that it allows you to start investing with a very low capital, just 10 euros.

In practice, 10 euros are enough to start doing operations on the financial markets. Anyone who wants can also use an excellent, unlimited and unconstrained demo that allows you to learn how to invest without risking money.

Where to invest small amounts of money

We have made a review of some of the best platforms to invest, very suitable for those who want to learn. At this point it is important to make a clarification: those who would like to invest often believe that very high sums are needed to start. It’s wrong.

By choosing the right platform, you can start investing with just 10 euros ( in the case of Iq Option ) or 250 euros in the case of Investous or eToro .

This means that the financial investment is truly open to everyone, even to those who have only small amounts of money available. The times have passed when only the rich could invest.

Obviously, this applies only to financial investments: if you want to make real estate investments, for example, you must have a much higher capital.

In addition, to successfully invest small amounts of money, you need to work exclusively with platforms that do not charge commissions. Those who use the Fineco platform, for example, also pay 13 euros in commission on each individual transaction. It is obvious that it is convenient to invest only very high sums.

Those who use Investous, eToro or Iq Option (but there are also other platforms that do not charge transaction fees) pay nothing. Opening an account on Fineco with 10 euros would not make sense, because they would be immediately burnt with the first operation. With Iq Option, however, it makes sense because there are absolutely no commissions and therefore you can make transactions with 1 euro of capital (very good for learning to invest by limiting the risks in a sensitive way).

Best investment books

What are the best books for learning investment? There are numerous quality books that can be purchased but we want to recommend the Investous investment guide to everyone .

It is a perfect starting point for those who want to learn: first of all it is completely free, so you don’t have to spend money. Unfortunately, there are many fake gurus who sell expensive courses, some routes even cost 7,000 euros. The more naive can fall into the trap and spend money on something they could have completely free of charge.

The electronic book offered by Investous also has the fundamental advantage of being simple to understand and above all of being completely focused on practice. Fake gurus who sell courses (at a high price) don’t know much about practice because they never invested in their lives, that’s why their books are full of theory.

The Investous guide instead goes straight to the point : it clearly explains how you earn money with financial investments, even starting from small sums of money. This guide is one of the most downloaded investment books ever because it is really very useful.

Studying the scholarship: the best way to learn to invest

It is important to underline that no book, not even the Investous ebook, can work miracles. Those who want to study the stock market (especially if they start from scratch and don’t even know how the stock market works ) and learn to invest cannot separate theory from practice.

What does it mean? It means that those who want to learn to invest should study and simultaneously apply the concepts learned. The best way to do this is by using a demo account: in this way you can do transactions on the financial markets absolutely risk-free, using virtual money.

Those who study and do not apply immediately lose their time because they will never learn to invest. Are demos the right solution to learn?

Let’s say they are the best way to start learning. Those who really want to get good (and it’s not that difficult) must consider starting to invest small amounts of real money. Why?

The reality is that good investors are not the ones who know the theory better (a good course like that of Investors is more than enough for that) but those who can master their emotions.

Those who invest must in fact deal with the fear of losing money (often irrational) and with greed. Big investors are the ones who learn to dominate these emotions. With the demos, unfortunately, there are no emotions because there is no risk and nothing is gained: for this reason they are exceptional for developing winning techniques and strategies but then you have to start investing real money to deal with your own emotions.

An alternative way to study the stock exchange and start investing is represented by the eToro platform : in this case, it is enough to 밤알바 직업소개소 select the best investors and observe what they do. You can also talk to these investors and ask them for advice. Usually they respond. They don’t do it because they are good but because eToro pays them (very well) based on the number of followers they manage to accumulate. That’s why they are so available to aspiring investors.


Learning to invest is not difficult at all and there are excellent courses that explain in detail how you can start investing without error. Those who want to start making money with the financial markets must also carefully select the platform to use: it is important to select an easy to use, free and safe platform and for this reason we suggest using Investous, eToro or Iq Option (but there are also other platforms worth).

In any case, the best way to learn investments is to start from practice, the theoretical study can never be enough!

Everyone can learn, even those who really start from scratch: with a little time and effort, exceptional results can be achieved!

Some novice investors are surprised at how quickly they learn to invest in commodities or on other more complex and lesser known markets. Everything is committed (really) avoiding believing in the tales of easy earnings but, at the same time, with the confidence that the results come (and can be spectacular).